How to make a newsletter attractive to your members?

Capture the attention of your prospects with well-designed newsletters!

If you are a professional in the sports world, you probably use newsletters. However, writing a qualitative message after a busy day is not always easy. However, this is a loss of earnings if you don’t try to take advantage of it.

The newsletter should be seen as an integral part of your marketing strategy. It can take many forms and be about many things, but the aim is to keep your members engaged.

You may be wondering if email is still a viable option in the age of ubiquitous social networking. And rightly so. But don’t worry! Indeed, the return on investment is profitable and many adults still use their mailbox on a daily basis. Therefore, we offer you 10 ideas of content that can be found in an attractive newsletter in an article signed by AZEOO!

1. Latest news from the club/company/etc

This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate the constant evolution of your organisation and to share this excitement with your clients. This can be about infrastructure, new staff, a new partnership, etc.

2. Customer success

Sharing the success of your club members can help motivate others to do the same or more, but also show that you care about each other’s progress.

3. Ce que vous avez déniché sur le web

The number of educational tools on the Internet is enormous and you can share videos, articles or anything else to arouse the curiosity of your members. This can be a new training programme on our AZEOO coaching software or a new exercise for example.

4. Methods to avoid injury

Since safety is paramount, make your clients aware of injury prevention through warm-up, clean execution, etc.

5. How to make training profitable

Share your expertise as a professional to enable your club members to use the full potential of their exercises and sessions.

6. Allow them to discover the staff

A short written or video interview can bring customers closer to your staff members and develop a relationship of trust.

7. Share scientific studies

There is nothing to stop you rephrasing or popularising them, but you can easily offer explanations of the latest developments in sport and health to your members in this newsletter.

8. Nutrition and diet advice

Depending on your members’ goals, offer them advice on how to improve their daily nutrition. This will save them time-consuming research and they will thank you for it.

9. How to boost motivation

Share your strategy to boost their motivation and keep them focused.

10. Share behind the scenes

Let customers know what’s behind the club and they will feel more confident and involved in your business. All you have to do is write your newsletter!

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