How to re-engage members who have left your gym

Find the solution to keep your members in your club!

The Covid crisis may have had the better of some of your members and they have not returned to your gym and that is regrettable. Then there are the members who do not re-register from month to month as is usual in a gym.

In order to respond to this major problem, how can we proceed to get back these clients who seemed to be satisfied with what we were offering them? We explain everything today in an article by AZEOO!

Why do you need a multidimensional marketing approach?

A multidimensional marketing approach consists of several elements and aims to target different audiences through different media and channels. Effective marketing targets consumers who are actively interested in your service. You know that past members are interested in what you have to offer. It’s about getting the right message in front of the right eyes.

By tailoring your message and marketing to different types of people, you can communicate more effectively. In this way, you are more likely to re-engage former members and make them active members of your community again.

7 ways to re-engage former members

It’s a fact that it costs more for a gym manager to hire a new member than it does to retain a loyal customer. So here are 7 ways to re-engage former members in our opinion:

  1. Provide regular updates: showing your former clients that your fitness club is evolving and that you are doing everything possible for the well-being of your members is important. It makes them think that they might be missing out… You can also contact them directly to check in, it will make them feel important to you.
  2. Add value: get your members to see the results of the promises you make to them. Remember that choosing a gym is not just about getting stronger or fitter. Factors such as cleanliness, sense of community, follow-through and fun all play a part in choosing a gym and staying with it.
  3. Be flexible: be adaptable, both for the coronavirus and to retain a member who wants to unsubscribe, offer solutions to their requests or expectations!
  4. Be proactive: improve your responsiveness on social networks and communication channels. Your members need follow-up and answers.
  5. Promote your new instructors and classes: to make old members want to come back and to offer something new to those still present.
  6. Personalized training: people need to feel unique and heard, personalized training is your best bet.
  7. Offer a session: why not offer a free session? This would allow former members to get back into your structure, either physically or virtually!

Aware of all these issues, AZEOO has designed a personalised coaching software for all sports professionals, with the aim of helping them with their client management!

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