How and why to start outdoor fitness classes?

How and why to start outdoor fitness classes

For wellness, organization or health restrictions, outdoor fitness classes are a great alternative in today’s sporting age. Not all seasons are suitable, but it is good to take advantage of the right moments whenever possible. Let’s take a look at the steps involved in the realization of such a project:

Why organize an outdoor fitness class?

This type of course is not really a novelty in the world of sports, but has been given a second wind with the passage of the COVID-19. The fact is that it is already a first argument: to avoid transmissions in closed spaces.

But there are other interesting points: creating vitamin D through sun exposure, enjoying nature, breathing less polluted air (as long as the setting is suitable), improving well-being through the latter, etc.

In addition, these outdoor classes can also be a great source of revenue. The space is usually larger and you can do other types of practices and sessions, you can also accommodate more people at once. And if you are a personal or group trainer but you don’t have the infrastructure, you won’t need to invest in a facility if you use the outdoor environment.

It can also be a showcase for your company: some passers-by might be curious or even interested in your course! So don’t hesitate to provide information or small explanatory booklets, the name of your website, etc.

The community aspect is reinforced:

Depending on the restrictions of the moment, people like to get together in groups for the purpose of carrying out activities. The disparity of levels and ages can also provide an interesting heterogeneity.

Live on the internet, and why not?

In addition to the organization of the course with members on site, why not broadcast it live on the internet? This allows, on the one hand, advertising for your structure or your services, and on the other hand, that people willing to participate can accompany you in the course.

The variety of practices will be able to satisfy all desires: HIIT, kickboxing or cardio boxing, plyometrics, yoga, tai chi, etc. You can also target a specific segment of the population (such as new mothers, pregnant women, seniors, etc.) while adapting the practice to the target group.

Here are some important points to start your first outdoor fitness class:

▪ Look for a suitable and authorized location.

▪ Set the price and payment method (flat rate, per session, per month, …).

▪ Choose appropriate slots and a target group based on demographics.

▪ Think about equipment without overloading yourself when traveling.

▪ Organize a contingency plan in case something unexpected happens (weather or otherwise).

▪ Increase your visibility on social networks and in the media.

Good luck and go for it!


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