How to increase your membership revenues?

How to increase your membership revenues?

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It’s no secret that the fitness industry has been booming for several years. For example, in 2018, 5.9 million French people were affiliated with a club and this field weighed 2.5 billion euros. And, despite the arrival of the COVID-19, the sector is still growing although it has been slowed down at times.

In this sense, we propose you some tracks to improve the incomes related to your subscriptions.

▪ Favor one area in particular :

Spreading yourself over several sectors or domains is often a commercial mistake because your customers cannot identify you as a reference in the field.

With this in mind, we advise you to focus your efforts on one marketing activity at a time and make it your main focus (such as spinning, crossfit, HIIT, etc.).

This allows to create a community around the selected practice and to offer content related to it on social networks for example.

In the same way as for the chosen domain, favoring a communication channel (social network) can also prove to be a wise choice in order to not spread yourself too thin and to offer regular content to your customers on the chosen platform (Instagram, Facebook, …).

▪ Stay responsive to your members’ needs :

First of all, personalized services allow you to improve the satisfaction of your customers and thus attract new potential members.

Secondly, it also allows you to know the preferences of your customers and to perform business analysis.

And, in a third step, you will be able to identify the main trends in your customers’ preferences and thus orient your marketing choices.

▪ Your members should get their money’s worth

What could be more exhilarating than paying for something if you can get it for free? 

If your members are asking this question, it means that your subscription offer is not fulfilling its commitments and that you are not offering them more than elsewhere.

So, consider offering them unique services included in the price that will make them want to continue their affiliation with your gym (a free session with a coach every month, premium articles on your blog, etc).

▪ Think about your business model:

First of all, you need to define your operating methods from a commercial point of view: what will be the subscription formulas? How will they pay? Can they catch up on courses? etc.

Then, you will have to decide on a mode of operation: individual classes all the time or alternating with group classes or group classes only? Do they have access to all areas? (If you have a spa or a sauna for example).

Finally, consider additional fees when a client wants to rent equipment but also if they want additional individual sessions among other things.


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