How to attract older people to your gym?

Discover some ideas to offer in your gym to attract older people

Although this is the group that has the most to gain from returning to physical activity, older people can often be reluctant to return to sport.

However, they are also a social group that can potentially become loyal to your gym due to their free time and stable, regular income. This is the audience to focus on and we explain everything in this article by AZEOO.

5 ideas to attract more older people to your fitness club!

  • Focus on the health aspect: older people and those over 50 are aware of the risks associated with the loss of muscle mass and all the health problems that arise with age. As a result, they practice sport for medical and preventive purposes rather than for aesthetic improvement. They are therefore more likely to want to improve their quality of life and join a gym.

  • Choose your communication channels wisely: think about how you will phrase your message to make it clear to this type of audience. Also, think about those who do not use social media regularly and perhaps consider using other more traditional methods such as radio spots, press or billboard advertising.

  • Build a relationship: this type of audience may have different expectations and concerns from the rest of your customer base. So pay attention to them and take the time to listen to them. This naturally applies to all your subscribers, but be all the more vigilant in this case.

  • Educate them about technology: although, as we said above, some older people are not comfortable with technology, you can consider educating and training them in the use of new technologies. This could, for example, be through the use of a sports coaching application as these have been booming in recent months or years. Reassure them and make sure that your team can approach this in the same way.

  • Reassure them: whether it’s about technology as we’ve just discussed, or pandemic measures, or other things, you need to constantly reassure the older people among your subscribers. You can consider, for example, information sessions, or small summary sheets, etc.

In conclusion, focus on the 50+ age group in order to gain loyal and committed members who will bring a nice variety to your gym’s audience. Aware of this challenge, AZEOO now offers an all-in-one coaching software in order to help you attract more and more clients to your fitness club!

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