The best coaching application for independent coaches

The best coaching application for independent coaches, create your workouts, offer nutritional advice and track your clients’ progress with ease! Monetize your products and services and generate revenue with your sports coach application.

Application de coaching pour coach sportif

Your personal coaching software: your brand!

Dans l’objectif de vous proposer un service de qualité, nous avons centralisé les meilleures fonctionnalités vous permettant d’accompagner efficacement chacun de vos clients, tout en restant focus sur votre expertise de coach sportif.

Personalized coaching application for sports coaches

With your coaching software,deliver and monetize your coaching services to your customers!

Digitalize and improve your coaching services

With a library of over 600 video exercises, you can easily create and customise your training programmes and share them with your clients. For each session, follow their performance and offer them a real personalized follow-up. You will save +30% of time with digitalization as opposed to paper version.

With your independent trainer app, provide 360 degree coaching that goes beyond the gym to outdoor and home workouts with the ftiness equipment! Whether it’s for gluteal exercises, thighs, triceps, abs, etc., your clients will be able to enjoy a quality service!

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Offer nutritional support to your customers_

Support your customers on a nutritional level

In addition to sports support, it is important to offer nutritional support. After all, your customers need comprehensive support, and nutrition is part of that.

With our automatic generator of food plans based on a hundred recipes, and offer your customers a personalized and unique support according to their objectives and eating habits.

Make the choice to offer or sell your diet programmes directly via your sports coach application!

Plan and share your VOD and Lives courses

Keep your members happy by supporting and maintaining customer relationships with videos and live streaming. With many challenges, whether you offer HIIT, Pilates, Yoga or any other type of activity, it will help to keep your customers engaged and motivated.

Live video broadcasting of sports coaches
Management software for sports coaches

Communicate easily with your customers

To communicate with your clients, you no longer need to use emails or SMS. Thanks to the chat module integrated into your coaching software, you can easily professionalise your exchanges.

Generate additional revenue

Activate the sale of digital services directly in your sports coach application and offer specific training sessions, session packs, diet plans, fitness assessments, etc.

Connect and synchronise your e-commerce site easily to your AZEOO solution and boost your turnover!

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