Boost your incomes!

Are you a sports and fitness enthusiast? You only have a few hours a week available and you would like to have an additional income? Then seize this opportunity and join our AZEOO Biz Dev Program.

What is that?

As a reminder, what is an independent commercial agent: it is an agent who negotiates and concludes contracts on behalf of a company. Its objective? To use his network and commercial techniques to find clients and sell the goods of the company that mandates him.

For whom?

Whether you are a professional or an individual, you can apply for this program.

How does it work?

By establishing an official Business Developer Contract with AZEOO, you will then be able to present, negotiate and sell our CLUB+ offer within fitness clubs. Any club that subscribes to a CLUB+ subscription on AZEOO, thanks to your commercial action, will allow you to receive a recurring commission on the price of this subscription.

Become a business developer

Send us your request by email to and tell us about your motivation and your commercial experience. Our team will contact you shortly afterwards.

Don’t wait any longer and accompany us in the new era of Fitness 4.0