Using the benefits of sport within a company? It is possible!

Reading time: 4 minutes The benefits of sport within a company are no longer in question. However,...

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How to attract older people to your gym?

Reading time: 3 minutes Although this is the group that has the most to gain from returning...

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Effective communication for your company

Reading time: 4 minutes In view of the current situation and the one we have seen in...

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The strategy to increase your members’ loyalty

Reading time: 4 minutes What would you say if I explained to you that a club can...

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Optimize your Facebook marketing strategy

Reading time: 5 minutes Facebook is a very powerful marketing tool and you may already be using...

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Digitalization for the success of your company

Reading time: 3 minutes Even if the past years have brought us closer to the digitalization of...

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Ventilation, an essential point in a gym

Reading time: 3 minutes Whether it is for the prevention of COVID-19 or simply for the good...

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Word of mouth for your business

Reading time: 4 minutes As a manager or boss, you might tend to prioritize the advertising axis...

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The customer journey: a means to success

Reading time: 4 minutes Do you know the customer journey? It is simply the path a potential...

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The impact of lack of sleep on your employees

Reading time: 3 minutes Lack of sleep is linked to a decrease in productivity, that’s a fact....

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