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Corporate sport is an added value

Reading time: 4 minutes A very simple observation is that both employees and managers are in favour...

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The 3 steps to digitalize your company at best

Reading time: 3 minutes Using digital technology seems to be a must. We propose you to identify...

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The stakes of sport in companies

Reading time: 3 minutes In 2008, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that employers should ensure the...

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Advantages and disadvantages of remote coaching

Reading time: 3 minutes Training habits have evolved over the last few months or even years. Remote...

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Who are the ideal clients for your gym?

Reading time: 4 minutes When you start your gym, you’re happy to have new clients come in....

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Increase member engagement through better tracking

Reading time: 3 minutes With the idea of increasing your customers’ engagement, setting up a loyalty program...

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Using video marketing for your business

In the world of marketing, video remains a truly impactful element for your business. This method has...

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11 qualities a successful gym sales manager should have

Reading time: 4 minutes Who doesn’t want to be the ideal manager? Whether it’s of your gym...

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Sport in the compagnies : investigation and revelations

It’s a recurring topic, but the benefits of sport in the workplace no longer need to be...

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How to monetize your fitness blog?

Reading time: 4 minutes You have your blog, your social media are active and your coaching business...

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