Advantages and disadvantages of remote coaching

Advantages and disadvantages of distance coaching

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Training habits have evolved over the last few months or even years. Remote coaching is now taking more and more place in the fitness market but is it really a viable solution?

In this article, we take an objective look at the pros and cons of remote coaching.

Benefits: plenty of space

In your gym, in the middle of the day, you can find yourself with a large number of athletes at the same time. With remote coaching, you solve this problem and your clients will be able to enjoy the space around them without having to fight for a bar, a disc or a dumbbell.

Disadvantages: too much space

If your client has more space, it also means that they may find themselves playing the sport alone. However, the social dimension is important for motivation. So this is inevitably the downside of this first positive point.

Benefits: no overcrowding of the courses

With distance coaching, your attention is focused on the client only. This differs from on-site classes where you can easily find 10-12 athletes. In this kind of case, it is rare that the coach can give sufficient and effective time to each of them.

Less: no group classes

And yes, once again a flip side… If the coach’s attention on the client is optimal, the dimension of the collective effort and the atmosphere that this generates is absent. Yet we know that this can be an extremely motivating factor for an athlete and it can often allow him to exceed his limits.

Benefits: we use different reminders

An advantage of this kind of method is that to motivate or follow-up your customers, you can be ingenious in sending them reminders. This improves creativity and allows for alternative methods.

Disadvantages: some reminders are missing

Tactile reminders are sometimes useful with certain clients to reposition them, remotivate them or give them the energy for a last effort. With remote coaching, this is no longer possible. The social dimension linked to proximity also reduces the impact of reminders, especially verbal ones.

In conclusion, there are pros and cons and this is not a miracle solution. It will be up to you to evaluate the situation according to your desires, your needs but also those of your customers.

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