9 ways to improve the environmental aspect of your gym

9 ways to improve the environmental aspect of your gym

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The environmental aspect of companies has been at the heart of debates for several years now. Whether it is by respecting nature or reducing waste of all kinds, a large number of people are taking the lead and choosing brands and companies that are committed to a dynamic respect for the environment.

It is a fact that the younger the customers are, the more they will look for products and companies in line with their values.

We suggest 9 ways to improve the environmental aspect of your gym:

Recycling is not optional: it can be wise to teach your staff and encourage your customers to sort their garbage. You will be able to recycle green waste, cardboard, plastic and other metals by giving them a second life. Think of placing waste garbage cans with specific signs.

Think about eco-friendly equipment: the easiest solution is often to favor the most competitive quality or price. However, as part of a more ecological aspect of your gym, think about equipment made with natural materials. This can range from yoga mats (avoiding PVC ones) to environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Reduce water waste: by innovating your showers, toilets and sinks, you can drastically reduce the amount of water needed to run your room. This is good for the environment and good for your wallet !

Plastic packaging: it is not really a scoop but plastic packaging represents a big pollution, even if it is recycled. Therefore, favor solid containers with multiple uses (reusable bottles, cloth bags, etc).

Efficiently control temperature and electricity: In addition to generating additional costs, lighting in gyms is often poorly thought out. Installing LEDs can reduce expenses by 20 to 30% on average. The same goes for heating, you should think about adjusting it or investing in an intelligent system.

Forget about paper: it may come as a surprise but paper represents a certain amount of waste and pollution. By using digital means, you can save paper and be more eco-friendly!

Install more energy-efficient equipment: some companies offer sports machines that use less energy. Think about it.

Think local and organic : if you offer juices or other products, think of short channels and buy local, this will reduce the carbon footprint and will support local businesses and merchants.

Create relationships with reliable partners: for your image and that of your company, avoid changing sponsors or collaborators in order not to give a bad ecological image of your company (this may be related, yes…).

Go for it!


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