8 ideas for sports challenges to boost customer loyalty

8 ideas for sports challenges to boost customer loyalty

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Challenges and challenges can be a strategy in customer retention. When you know (according to the Harvard Business Review) that attracting and enrolling a new member costs 5 to 25 times more than retaining an active member, this is a significant part of your organization’s economic health.

We offer you 8 ideas of sports challenges in order to improve the loyalty of your customers.

Weight loss challenge : what could be better than being able to show your weight loss in public? This is motivating and constitutes a goal over a set period of time.

Physical Transformation Challenge : A little different from weight loss, this challenge will focus on improving aesthetics and consistency in the body. Thus, athletes who wish to gain muscle mass or have trimmed muscles will also be able to motivate themselves by participating in this activity.

Charity challenge: through actions or events, why not carry out some events in order to raise funds for a local association? It’s always nice to combine business with pleasure.

Running or walking challenge: using tracking Apps, members can count the kilometers and challenge each other to reach a certain distance over a given time (1 week, 1 month, …). This can be done in the gym or even outside.

Calorie burn challenge: This offers more freedom in practice but requires the use of tracking devices to determine the amount of calories burned.

Healthy Eating Challenge : By providing tailored tips, you can encourage and challenge your club members. They can then use a tracking sheet and watch their progress towards a healthier diet.

Workout challenges: by offering workout routines to your members and allowing them to step out of their comfort zone, you can motivate them. The use of hashtags and social networks allow for the greatest impact on the greatest number of people.

Healthy Mind Challenge: Mental health is also very important and you can participate by promoting healthy practices like yoga or meditation. You can then reward users by using reward systems when they have practiced this type of activity.

The challenge system can help build customer loyalty through constant and renewed motivation. It also allows older members to avoid getting stuck in a certain routine and new members to integrate into the sports community through these challenges. On your side, the financial gains are not to be neglected and you will not regret it!

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