7 tips for coaches to motivate their customers

7 tips for coaches to motivate their clients

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Motivation is one of the fundamental bases in the field of sports. Thus, coaches must ensure that they maintain it with their customers throughout their follow-up.

Coaches, we offer you 7 tips to motivate your clients.

1. Use social networks to create motivation

There are several ways to use social networks. For example, you can propose motivational messages to your customers, highlight the progress of some of them, create groups, etc. In all cases, this can only be beneficial for the motivation of your customers !

2. Propose sports challenges

And why not offer some challenges to your customers? This will add a competitive factor that may motivate some people. Moreover, if the challenges are accepted and achieved, the feeling of gratification will be important in a process that will lead to more confidence and happiness.

3. Patience is the mother of virtue

Keeping a positive attitude and being patient are the foundation of successful teaching. As a result, your clients will not feel pressured and will be able to flourish !

With this method, you can also increase their self-esteem and lead them to a better motivation.

4. Deliver rewards

Words of motivation and encouragement may be enough, but what could be better than a gift or service offered at the achievement of a step?

Offer goodies, a free drink, a badge, a massage or other things in this style.

However, don’t forget about the customers who may not have reached their goal but have shown zeal and perseverance!

5. Think about personal coaching applications

They will allow you to remain attentive to the needs and demands of your customers while creating motivation through the different facets they can offer.

Communicating directly with them adds an important dimension to the whole process.

6. Be realistic

There is nothing more frustrating than not reaching your personal goals. Based on this principle, propose a step-by-step progression that will allow an awareness of each evolution.

Also be aware of the intentions, desires and goals of each person in order to be able to propose objectives in adequacy with these first ones.

7. Novelty for motivation

Think about renewing your offer. If boredom sets in, motivation will disappear and you will certainly lose customers…

Also consider putting yourself in the shoes of your customers to understand what they would like to discover or what you could offer them.

In short, encourage variety!

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