4 major trends for health and wellness in 2021

4 major trends for health and wellness in 2021

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The past year has shown us our ability to adapt and improvise in the face of the pandemic. The important thing is to keep the positive elements that came out of it. Here are some of the major trends for health and wellness that emerged in 2021 following the changes experienced by everyone.

In this article, we share with you the 4 major trends that have emerged for health and wellness in 2021.

1. The emergence of technologies for productivity

In order to overcome the difficulties related to the impossibility of carrying out physical meetings with their clients, many coaches have turned to the digital world in order to be able to offer their clients a solution during the confined months.

Thus, coaching applications have emerged, others have taken advantage of existing Apps to integrate their training formulas, and some have favored videoconferencing applications such as Zoom, Teams, etc.

These new options, including telecommuting, have allowed for better time, stress and personnel management. All of these elements came together and allowed for business growth in most cases. As workloads decrease, employees are less likely to experience burnout as are 78% of professionals according to a OnePoll study sponsored by ClassPass (a leader in the fitness world).

2. The mind is not untied from the body

There has been a realization that the body and mind are one. Thus, 58% of professionals (according to the above-mentioned study) would be more interested in a job that would include these two essential elements of well-being.

It may therefore be interesting to expand your practice to include yoga, stretching, meditation, etc. In order to attract additional clientele and add new opportunities to those already present.

3. Variety of offerings to serve the client

Some gyms have adapted by offering applications that allow their subscribers to continue their training at home and consult their sports data.

Some companies have then presented a package including a subscription to the gym and their own application, thus offering a wider range of choices and variety to their customers. Adaptive and targeted training plans can also be part of the offer, just as we are used to seeing in personalized coaching, while taking advantage of the evolution of artificial intelligence and new technological means.

This way, the loyalty is greater and offers comfort and flexibility to those who want it.

4. Personalization for a targeted audience

The public now prefers a tailor-made offer according to their needs but also according to their physical condition (elderly, overweight, …). Therefore, proposing a specialization in your offers is not insignificant and can be an essential element in your development.

Keep these 4 elements in mind in order to allow your company to rely on recent sport and well-being trends.

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